Oh, baby! My Club Lotto winner can now travel to see grandson

Oh, baby! My Club Lotto winner can now travel to see grandson

London, July 12, 2020:

KEEN rugby mum Jayne Shaw saw her numbers come up and netted a handy £3,000 thanks to My Club Lotto.

A keen supporter of Ince Rose Bridge Amateur Rugby League Football Club, based near Wigan, Jayne bought a My Club Lotto 50/50 lottery ticket in June after the National Conference League side joined a growing number of rugby, football, cricket and other grassroots sports clubs taking advantage of the revenue sharing scheme and other commercial services offered by MyClubMarket.

Local resident Jayne, 56, purchased her ticket via www.myclublotto.co.uk after her club promoted the service on their Facebook page and both she and the club are now quids-in. Ince Rose Bridge RFC have also benefitted to the tune of £300 as part of My Club’s unique lotto game which helps bolster the coffers of grassroots clubs.

My Club Lotto winner Jayne Shaw (right) is congratulated by Ince Rose Bridge Rugby and Community Club’s Lotto promoter and committee member Sam Gladwin.

“It’s amazing. I was over the moon to win,” said Jayne. “I’ve been part of Ince Rose Bridge for over 30 years, because I’ve had three sons who have all played for the club.

“Two still play – they are 18 and 21, and my eldest is 30, and he started there. He now lives in France and plays there.

“I have a new grandson in France. He is a year-old next month, so we are going to go and see him. We’ve missed two holidays because of Covid-19 and his Christening got cancelled. But they have now opened the borders, so we have booked a trip to France and we will drive down near Bordeaux to see him. I can’t wait!”

Jayne has no ambitions of bailing out EFL Championship strugglers Wigan Athletic Football Club, who entered administration last week.

“I’m more rugby than football, but I don’t really have a team – I’ve always watched amateur rugby. It is shame that Wigan are in such trouble – it’s astonishing, really, and I hope someone comes in to help them, but it won’t be me.”

The lockdown has meant that many clubs are struggling financially, and some have relied upon volunteers to help maintain facilities and get ready for the restart.

Funding and encouraging a sense of community spirit were the main reasons that Ince Road Bridge RFC decided to take up the My Club Lotto offering.

Jayne explained: “The club have a new committee made up from a few volunteers who have been doing up the grounds while we have been in lockdown, doing all the things that needed doing, and they brought in the Lotto because they said it would help the club.

“It’s great, because grassroots sport seems to have been forgotten and it has been dwindling over the years, so it was a case of saying, ‘Let’s all pull together and work as one big family’, so we did it to support Ince Rose Bridge.

“Our rep has promoted My Club Lotto tickets on the Ince Rose Bridge Facebook page quite a lot and once others know that people like me can win, and how much it can help their club, it will hopefully encourage others to have a go.

“I just subscribe, buying £5 worth of tickets a month and the club received £300, which is a great amount for a club like ours.

“So, thanks to My Club Lotto, I can now go and see my grandson – and I might even treat my husband and let him have a round of golf on the way back from France! I’m not promising, mind…”